CLOVE + HALLOW was founded to marry clean cosmetics with the swoon-worthy aesthetic, performance and shade range of your favorite conventional brands at a price-point that doesn’t cause sticker shock.

Clove + Hallow believes in a minimalist approach to formulation AND only using ingredients that are deemed safe*. Most products on the market, natural or otherwise, feature an ingredient list a mile long—you practically need a PhD just to decipher the label! They keep it simple by carefully selecting 15 or fewer ingredients per clean makeup product that serve a real purpose—starting with skin-loving botanicals, butters and oils – and excluding more than 1,500 questionable “nasties.”

No cheap fillers. No toxic chemicals. Real, just like you. That’s their Clean15™ Guarantee.

*A word about “safe:” Their clean makeup products go through a strict formulation process during which known carcinogens, endocrine and hormone disruptors, allergens and irritants, and animal by-products are excluded. They never use cheap or toxic filler chemicals, and the few synthetic ingredients they do use have been extensively researched and selected because they serve a real purpose within their formulas, such as preservation or pigment. For additional information on ingredients they never use, see their “Never Ever” list.

Sarah Biggers, CLOVE + HALLOW Founder + CEO



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