Hydrating facial serum with hyaluronic acid and vitamins B3 + B5.

Clove + Hallow 3-in-1 hydrating, brightening, and refining serum is like a tall drink of water for dull, thirsty skin. Packed with active concentrations of the hardest-working vitamins and botanical extracts—hyaluronic acid, vitamins B3 and B5, and organic willow bark and licorice extracts—H2Glow perfects skin and provides a plump, smooth finish for makeup.

DRAWS IN MOISTURE LIKE A MAGNET. Hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 (also known as panthenol), two of nature’s gentlest humectants, deeply hydrate, brighten, and plump the complexion.

SMOOTHS AND SOOTHES. Willow bark extract, a natural cousin of salicylic acid, gently tones and exfoliates. Meanwhile, vitamin B3 (or niacinamide) and licorice extract refine blemishes and hyperpigmentation and calm the skin.

PROTECTS FROM THE ELEMENTS. H2Glow is loaded with antioxidants to help shield your complexion from pollution.

WATER-LIGHT TEXTURE. This hydrogel serum soaks in instantly—no waiting to apply your moisturizer or makeup.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Orange Blossom (Neroli) Water, Organic Cane Alcohol, Organic Licorice Extract, Organic Willow Bark Extract, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Panthenol, Hyaluronic acid, Xanthan Gum, Sweet Orange Oil

30ml / 1 fl oz

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