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Natural Wisdom is a beautifully made, super food feast for your skin. An indulgent, luxurious ritual to revive & restore with a small collection of perfectly created skin food products that give your skin everything it needs to glow with healthy radiance. Leaving you feeling beautifully restored & centred.

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NATURAL WISDOM - Blue Tansy Oil Gel (to Lotion) Facial Cleanser


NATURAL WISDOM - Vitamin C & Papaya Liquid Enzyme Exfoliator


NATURAL WISDOM - Raw Organic Antioxidant Oil


NATURAL WISDOM - Blue Jungle Shampoo & Body Wash Bar - Blue Butterfly Pea & Indigo

From  €11,00

NATURAL WISDOM - Blue Jungle Natural Hair Conditioner Bar and Shaving Cream


NATURAL WISDOM - Bounce Shampoo Bar for Fine Hair

From  €11,00

NATURAL WISDOM - Bounce Caffeine Natural Hair Conditioner


NATURAL WISDOM - Hair Conditioner & Shaving Cream Bar - Grapefruit & Lemongrass

From  €11,00


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