OSHAN ESSENTIALS - LIMU Detoxifying Superfood Mask


OSHAN ESSENTIALS - LIMU Detoxifying Superfood Mask

Oshan Essnetials' potent blend of superfoods, plant extracts and natural clays, deeply cleanses the skin leaving it looking healthy and radiant.

How to use: Firstly shake bottle to loosen powder. To activate mix powder in a bowl a with a small amount of liquid of choice- Aloe vera juice, water, honey or hydrosol- to make a paste. Apply onto freshly cleansed skin and leave on for a few minutes. Remove with a warm, damp face towel and hold it over the face for a few seconds to loosen the mask, then gently wipe off.

Finish with toner, serum and oil / geleé, or another hydration product.

INGREDIENTS: Green mineral clay, Papaya leaf, Green tea extract, Passion flower, Hawaiian spirulina, , Japanese matcha, chlorella, Aloe vera, Chamomille, Pa’akai , & a propietary blend of organic and wild crafted essential oils. 


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