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Living Libations - Gardenia Perfume - Limited Edition

Living Libations - Gardenia Perfume - Limited Edition

At last! The gorgeous scent of gardenia has been distilled and has glided into creating our Gardenia Petal Perfume. This fragrant, floral feast enraptures body and mind with the saturated scent of this flower’s power to transport the senses to a tropical garden’s embrace that lingers, as fine perfumes and as sultry nights do.


Exultingly elegant from the first mist, lose yourself in the dawn-like petals bursting with the bloom of a tropical moon.Gardenia Petal Perfume is where deep floral offerings coalesce in a bouquet dripping with Jasmine’s joy juice that is creamy-sweet like blossom honey, sumptuously sultry like a fulsome moon with hints of adventure to happen. Tahitian Vanilla ensorcels Gardenia’s gorgeous floral ecstasy, while a delectable dash of Lemon lures the soul to come out and play.

Directions: For the most elegant garden embrace, spritz on hair, neck, or pulse points. The elegant aspects of this scent are perfect for a night out, and the hopeful notes of Jasmine Grandiflorum make this a perfectly sultry scent for any space.

Organic Ingredients: Gardenia tahitensis (Gardenia Tiare), Jasminum grandiflorum (Jasmine Grandiflorum), Vanilla planifolia (Tahitian Vanilla), Citrus limon (Lemon), and Biodynamic Grape Alcohol.

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