FITGLOW BEAUTY - Makeup Brush Cleanser


FITGLOW BEAUTY - Makeup Brush Cleanser

A handcrafted, vegan Makeup Brush Cleanser Soap and Peony Cleaning Mat that helps remove excess product, dirt and stubborn makeup off your brushes for a deeper cleanse and clean makeup application.


  • Makeup Brush Cleanser Soap
  • Peony Cleaning Mat

How to use:

STEP ONE: Prep your brush cleanser by running it under water.

STEP TWO: With your brush facing downward, gently rub wet brush into soap in circular motion.

STEP THREE: Use Peony Cleaning Mat to remove excess makeup and clean deeper into brush.

STEP FOUR: With your brush facing downward, rinse off and squeeze off any excess water.

STEP FIVE: Pat dry and gently tap and shape your brush back to its original shape. Lay flat to dry.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Olivate (Saponified Olive Oil)


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