HEART OF GOLD - Oxford Comma Antioxidant Serum


HEART OF GOLD - Oxford Comma Antioxidant Serum


Personality- Elle Woods

Elements- earth & water

Purpose- daily protective & rejuvenating serum


Everyone needs antioxidants, and yet we all wonder WTF are they, really? Basically antioxidants are (insert boring esthetician-splaining) amazing and you NEED them every. single. day. Schisandra, aronia, grapeseed, hibiscus, triphala, knotweed & goji bring tons of rare and precious plant-ioxidants. Oxford Comma is kind of like a personal trainer in a bottle.

30ml droppe

HOW TO USE : For optimal nutrient absorption always mix 1-5 drops of Oxford Comma with 3-7 pumps of hydrolat or 3-5 drops of water. Apply to clean face & neck, then follow with moisturizer. Avoid eye area.

INGREDIENTS : Aqueous extracts of grapeseed, hibiscus, goji berry, japanese knotweed, schisandra fruit, aronia berry & triphala, aspen bark (populus tremuloides) extract, xylitol, d-ribose, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, geranium essential oil (.1%)


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