HEART OF GOLD - Pool of Light Gommage & Mask


HEART OF GOLD - Pool of Light Gommage & Mask

Personality- Iris Apfel

Elements- water & sky

Purpose- dual-purpose hydrating gel mask & exfoliant

With matcha, manuka honey, holly, pomegranate, and fig plant. Pool of Light is a dual-purpose riff on the classic French-style hydrating gommage - a mild & ultra hydrating exfoliation method. Basically a gommage works by hydrating dry skin so thoroughly that it is exfoliated with a bit of gentle massage. When your skin is feeling dehydrated, it's a lifesaving moisture infusion mask. When your skin is feeling rough & dry, it's an utterly gorgeous (and super quick) hydrating exfoliant.

How to use:

  • as a hydrating mask: 7-11 pumps to clean, damp skin. rinse or use a warm compress to remove after 5-15 minutes. avoid eye area. can be mixed with equal parts sweetbriar hydrating nectar for extra calming & hydrating.
  • as a gommage: apply 5-7 pumps to clean, dry skin. avoid eye area. immediately, with dry fingers, begin to massage in gentle circles until the texture goes from slippery to tacky (the thinner the layer you apply, the quicker this will happen). now start to massage with outward brushing movements, using a firm pressure. pool of light will begin to loosen and fall away. continue massaging until residue stops gathering under your fingertips. use a warm compress to remove any residue follow with toner, serum, oilserum (or balm).


  • if you aren't feeling any "bits" beneath your fingers with the gommage method: dry your hands and try massaging with more pressure (always maintain a comfortable level of pressure). the gommage will not work if it has completely dried on the skin, the magic moment is just before it dries, when it starts to grip instead of slip. if you miss the magic moment, put another thin layer on top of the dried gommage and try again.
  • sometimes if skin is super dehydrated, the gommage will soak in before it has a chance to exfoliate. if that is the case, apply another thin layer on top of the absorbed layer and try again.
  • if you notice that pool of light is causing a rosy flush, apply a thin layer of oilserum, nectar, or balm prior to applying pool of light.

INGREDIENTS: distilled water, vegetable glycerin, leptospermum scoparium mel (manuka honey), populus tremuloides (aspen bark) extract, colloidal silver, ceratonia siliqua (carob), lactobacillus/punica granatum (pomegranate) fruit ferment (pomegranate enzyme), camellia sinensis (matcha), ilex aquifolium (english holly), & ficus carica (fig), citrus paradisi (grapefruit) essential oil, jasminum sambac absolute, citrus bergamia (bergapten-free bergamot) essential oil, salvia sclarea (clary sage) essential oil, potassium sorbate (0.1%)

*italic denotes organic ingredient

50ml miron glass jar.

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