HEART OF GOLD - Sky Compass Eye Balm


HEART OF GOLD - Sky Compass Eye Balm

SUMMER HEAT WARNING! This balm has a low melt point compared to balms containing wax.

Personality- Peter Pan Elements

- earth & sky Purpose

- for tired eyes

A silky, easily absorbed balm that targets puffiness, dark circles, sleepless nights, and hangovers. Starring tucuma & cupuaçu butters, brilliant green virgin carrot seed & energizing green coffee, and a team of plant allies (tulsi, chamomile, burdock, gotu kola & wild cherry bark). Chamomile, fennel & cypress essential oils comfort overworked eyes.


Hand poured into a lovely 15 ml miron glass jar.

BALM TEXTURE TIP Sometimes when balms are heated & cooled, they develop a gritty texture. That's totally normal, as HG balms don't contain wax. If that happens, place your balm jar (minus the jar lid, which is not heat safe) on a cookie sheet and place it in the oven. Heat the oven on the lowest setting (at or below 200f) for 5-15 minutes or until fully liquid (no longer than 20 minutes). Carefully remove the cookie sheet (with the balm on it) from the oven (use oven mitts!). Allow the balm to cool on the cookie sheet at room temperature. Make sure to place the cookie sheet on a level spot like a countertop or table so it doesn't spill. Once the balm jar is cool enough to touch comfortably but the balm is still liquid, place the balm jar (minus cookie sheet) in the freezer and place the jar lid on the jar loosely. Allow the balm to harden overnight in the freezer. Then it should be good to go!

INGREDIENTS : tucuma butter, virgin cold pressed carrot seed oil, cupuaçu butter, virgin organic camellia oil, virgin organic green coffee oil, extracts of tulsi leaf, german chamomile flower, wild cherry bark, burdock root & gotu kola, roman chamomile, sweet fennel & cypress essential oils * = organic

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