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KERZON - Eau Multiple L'Eau (Violet & Orange Blossom)

KERZON - Eau Multiple L'Eau (Violet & Orange Blossom)

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KERZON - Eau Multiple L'Eau (Violet & Orange Blossom)

Wrap yourself in our eau de toilette L'Eau with multiple uses. Spray directly on the skin, hair or clothes for a more sustained scent.

The Scent: L'Eau takes inspiration from a vintage cologne, fresh mix of a nostalgic harmony of violet and orange blossom. Lightly piquant, it dances on the skin like the salty sea air of a summer evening with its head scent of Italian Bergamot, Spanish Bigarade and Sweet Orange, an aquatic heart tinged with geranium and star anise, on a violet, musk and amber wood base.

  • For the skin, hair and clothes
  • Recyclable aluminum bottles, made in the French Basque Country
  • Wheat alcohol made from organic farming
  • More concentrated formula than that of Kerzon mists, for a more intense scent
  • Ultra light bottle, easy to transport
  • High quality essential and absolute oils
  • Formulated and made in France

    How to use: Spray on your skin, hair or directly on your clothes. You can also pour a few drops in the softener drawer of your washing machine, to prolong the scent of your favorite laundry.

    Vaporizer. Keep away from eyes or irritated skin. Flammable. Do not spray on a flame or any incandescent material. Do not use near fire, flame or heat.


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