LILFOX - Amazon After Dark


LILFOX - Amazon After Dark

An exotic jungle cleansing balm to melt away the day's dust and stresses. Sensuous aromatics of Madagascan rose geranium ease tension while rich rainforest butters offer a deep cleanse.  Luxurious rinsable formula allows a spash of water to turn this balm into a cleansing milk for effortless removal while leaving a light layer of nourishing oil to lock in moisture and protect.

Skin is left cleansed, plumped and moisturized. 

Skin Type: All skin types especially dry, mature, dull, stressed, acneic, and congested.

Texture: Luxuriously creamy concentrated pink cleansing creme balm that melts upon contact with skin. 

Aromatics:  Madagascan rose geranium eases tensions of the day with hints of revitalizing rosemary, Italian bergamot, green tree leaf, and soothing ylang ylang. 

For a deeper cleanse, especially if you are wearing sunscreen and or makeup m, and also for particularly dry skin, massage a pea sized amount between your palms and apply to dry face. Massage into skin. Place a warm damp cloth over face for a soothing moment, allowing the steam to activate the oils. Take a deep breath then wipe clean with cloth. 

For a lighter cleanse, (preferred in the morning) may use a smaller amount when applying to a damp face to create a lightweight cleansing milk. Rinse clean with water. No cloth required.

Care: Use dry spatula to retrieve product and take care not to introduce water into jar. 

Keep away from eye area. 

84% Certified Organic Content

Feature Ingredients

Amazonian Lily Kaduku Plum 

White Willow Bark 


Murumuru Butter 


Cupuacu Butter 

Rose Geranium




A.murumuru (Murumuru) Butter**

H.annuus (Sunflower) Oil*

P.edulis (Maracuja) Oil* + C.oleifera (Camilla) Oil* (Infused With H.sabdariffa (Hibiscus)*

R.spp (Rosehip)*, S.alba (WhiteWillowBark*)

O.oleifera (Babassua) Butter*

Ceterayl olivate + Sorbitan olivate (Olive wax)

M.indica (Mango) Butter*

T.grandiflorum (Capacua) Butter**

R.comunnis (Castor) Oil*

Lecithin (Non-soy/Non-gmo)

Hydroxystearyl Alcohol + Hydroxystearyl Glucoside (Derived from Castor Oil and Sugar)

Coco Glucoside (Coconut-Based

T.ferdinandiana (Kaduku Plum) Extract 

S.alba (White Willow Bark) Extract*

V.amazonica (Amazonian Lily) Extract*

N.sativa (Black Cumin) Oil*

R.officinalis (Rosemary) Antioxidant Extract

Proprietary Essential Oil Blend Including:

Rose Geranium, Bergamot*, Ylang Ylang*


*Certified Organic **Wildcrafted

 50 ml / 1.7 oz

Formulated without parabens, synthetic fragrances, sodium sulfates. 

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