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LILFOX - DiscoVerte Green Mist Set

LILFOX - DiscoVerte Green Mist Set

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LILFOX - DiscoVerte Green Mist Set


A verdant collection of 3 precious artisan distilled hydrosols.

TULSI/ spiced holy basil infused with emerald

GREEN MELON/ fresh juicy cucumber infused with moonstone

TSUBAKI/ soft green tea leaf infused with jade

TUSLI: Grown near temples and courtyards in India to invite the presence of the gods and purify the air. Lovingly referred to as the Elixir of Life thanks to the herb’s unique aromatic profile of fresh cloves and herbaceous mint. Harmonizes one’s senses and brings a balanced state back to the skin. Aroma: Spiced cloves and herbaceous soft mint. With Emerald, a richly green stone that is associated with the Heart Center. 

GREEN MELON: A vibrant juicy green melon mist to cool and hydrate deeply. Natural enzymes in cucumber water soften skin and conditions. Fresh herbaceous and green aromatic profile instantly awakens the senses. Aroma: Juicy fresh green melon, white floral top notes. With Moonstone, an ethereal gem associtaed with attracting abundance, fertility, love, and new beginnings.

TSUBAKI: Ultra soothing, this delicate earthy green hydrosol hydrates deeply. Aroma: Green fresh cut grass and powdered green tea leaves. With Jade, a cleansing stone.

Made from fresh plants within hours of picking. Capturing the plant's vibrant energetics, aromatics, these are imbued with phyto-nutrients, minerals, and fatty acids. Add a haute layer to your skin wardrobe using them between each LILFOX product. Set features precious biodynamic fresh plant distillates infused with a corresponding gemstone infusion.

How to use: Formulated to be enjoyed as a layering piece after cleasning to remove traces of cleanser and balance ph.

The single ingredient hydrosol toning mists are grown organically and distilled by artisan distillers with fresh plant material within hours after picking producing an energetically and aromatically vibrant and complex hydrosol preserving the plant's cellular waters and phyto-nutrients.

Mist generously after cleasning and in between each piece in your haute LILFOX skincare wardrobe.


TULSI: Ocimum Sanctum L. Hydrolat* *Certified organic

GREEN MELON: Cucumis sativus L. Hydrolat* *Certified organic

TSUBAKI: Camellia sinensis hydrolat* *Certified organic

Set include 3- 50 ml mists.

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