Living Libations - Fawn Lily


Living Libations - Fawn Lily

Anoint the landscape of your being with Fawn Lily Petal Perfume Fun, an ethereal floral bouquet of tuberose petals, linden blossoms, cape chamomile buds, neroli blossoms, ylang flowers, and elderberry blossoms. This bevy of angelic blossoms is dappled with intermittent bursts of blood orange and wrapped in a dollop of vibrant vanilla beans. The imprint is a dreamy perfume that adorns the body with a fragrant garland woven from the blooms of purity. Celestial spheres of boundless beauty envelope the senses as this perfume blossoms on your body bestowing its gifts with every spritz.

Fawn Lily Petal Perfume will transport you to the first rays of dawn, descending from the heavens, forming a diaphanous gown of translucent light around every blade of grass and precious petal. As the chartreuse sunrise scent spirals ever onward, each beam winding deep into the nectary of flower upon flower, citrus groves awaken to the glorious fragrance of neroli. Tuberose fans the flames of the heart while elderberry exhales a misty medieval fairytale. Wafts of neroli dance upon the breeze while blood orange ensorcels the garden of this gracious perfume.

Directions: Anoint day or night: spritz on hair, neck, clothes, or pulse points. This elegant aroma may also scent spaces and may be taken many places for its sheer delight as a vibrant mood booster anytime!

Organic Ingredients: Polianthes tuberosa (Tuberose Petals), Tilia (Linden Blossoms), Eriocephalus punctulatus (Cape Chamomile Flowers), Citrus aurantium (Neroli Blossoms), Cananga odorata (Ylang Blossoms), Sambucus (Elderberry Flowers), Citrus Sinensis (Blood Orange), Vanilla planifolia (Vanilla Beans), and Biodynamic Grape Alcohol.

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