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LIVING LIBATIONS - Underarm Charm Crème Deodorant - Myrrh

LIVING LIBATIONS - Underarm Charm Crème Deodorant - Myrrh

Sanctify your sacred underarms with myrrh’s ceremonial charm.

Transcending time and culture, Myrrh blessed ancient Egypt with incense and perfume and sweetened the breath of ancient Greeks.

Living Libations Myrrh Poetic Pits is a nourishing natural deodorant that will infuse your hygiene routine with a botanical dream.

In this plant-poem, Myrrh is surrounded by a sacred assembly of botanical masters selected to protect your pits, balance bacteria and emanate an alluring aroma. The Myrrh Poetic Pits aroma animates delicate underarm skin with pure plant essences that transforms your sweat into an incense secretion.

Apply a swipe to each armpit to transmit an aroma that is abundantly appealin.

How to use: Apply a swipe to each pit every day. Pair Myrrh Poetic Pits with Sacred Sage, Trees Please, Ever Moss, Radiant Earth Forest Colognes, Fawn Lily, Being Free is Lots of Fun, Leif Lady Lei or Lavish Abundance Petal Perfumes. We advise patch testing inside the elbow before using.

Please Note: As everyone has skin that responds uniquely, we advise users to patch test before using.

INGREDIENTS: Baking Soda - Sodium bicarbonate, Kaolin Clay - Kaolinite, Cacao Butter - Theobroma cacao, Arrowroot - Maranta arundinacea, Myrrh - Commiphora myrrha, Sweet Thyme - Thymus linalool, Rosemary Verbenone - Rosmarinus officinalis verbenone, Lemon Myrtle - Backhousia citriodora, Laurel - Laurus nobilis, Lemon - Citrus limon, Jojoba - Simmondsia chinensis, Beeswax - Cera alba.

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