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A love poem to self, liquified to reach your heart though your senses

A note from Maryna: Aloha sensual woman (man)! My heart is filled with grace for this special time when I can treat you to an exquisite sensory experience of a MAHALO perfume. I first released this perfume three years ago, as Attar OnaOna, oil of anointing love. Over the years this blend has became my own signature scent, maturing, blossoming and refining alongside with me. 

In this second release I feature a few new scents, weaving a much more intricate aromatic profile worthy of a discerning, grace of the alluring you. Notes like precious oil of Oud I discovered at a royal perfumery store in Abu Dhabi, or aged dark Patchouli from my recent trip to India, and of course the precious reserve of Vanilla Bourbon I have been storing away for very special occasions like this one.

The name I AM LOVE honors my intention and conscious choice to act from the state of LOVE, no-matter what life brings my way. This scent has became an incantation, an anchor that helps me choose and BE LOVE, every time I inhale this seductive aroma. I hope it will do the same for you.

Lovingly yours, Maryna

Ways to indulge:

Roll the perfume oil onto pulse points on wrists, temples, and  décolleté. For intimate moments, hint a few drops of perfume on areas of inner hip, thigh and behind the knees. Cup hands around nose and inhale deeply.  Savor the ritual by enjoying a hot bath or shower after application.
TIP: to extend the aroma, apply small amount on hair.

Language of love, whispered as a scent.

A blend of White and Pink Lotus beckon the mind into stillness, clarity and bliss. Ambrette delivers refined, and sensual aroma that transforms into a compelling aphrodisiac, heightening sensuality and bringing a multidimensional magic to the Attar. Vanilla Bourbonsweetly influences the emotions, inviting sensuality, relaxing inhibitions, and dissolving frustrations.

The finely aged Patchouli brings a sophisticatedly-deep and grounding note to the seductive aroma. Alluring notes of Rose – the quintessential oil of love – is weaved from flower varietals of rosa damascena and rose de mai. The ultimately elegant and exquisite Hawaiian Jasmine, Pikake, has a powerful reputation as a sensual aphrodisiac, bringing with it lightness and happy feelings.

Davana, Ylang Ylang, Balsam of Peru, Hawaiian Sandalwood and other fine aromatic notes help to weave together a poetic love story, whispered directly into your heart via the golden love potion of the I AM LOVE, Perfume Oil for Anointing Love.

INGREDIENTS : simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, proprietary blend of clinical grade essential oils, absolutes and botanical extracts

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