MO MI by MODERN MINERAL - Discovery Kit


MO MI by MODERN MINERAL - Discovery Kit

Limited Edition

You will receive this gorgeous Rose Gold travel case with a metal rose gold zipper.  Inside you will find 4 TRAVEL LUXE 1 oz SIZE products and 3 Rose Gold Bobby pins.

1 Styling Jelly 1 oz in a eco-friendly violet glass travel-luxe size bottle

1 Texture Mist 1 oz in an eco-friendly violet glass travel-luxe size bottle

1 Hydration Mist 1 oz in a eco-friendly violet glass travel-luxe size bottle

1 Dry Shampoo 4 grams in a application-friendly twist top lightweight plastic bottle

3 Rose Gold bobby pins

This contemporary alchemy of organic hair products infused with the emotive essences of gemstones and flowers created by Lotus Wei.  We beauty is whole and interconnected, and that our emotive qualities are reflected in, inner alchemy for outer beauty. With mindful moods, we can empower ourselves by making thoughtful choices and living gracefully on this earth.
Each product is formulated with select ingredients and infused with the essences of Korean Pink Lotus Flower and blush Rose Quartz created especially for us by Lotus Wei.  The Lotus Flower inspires us to bloom into our purest self, while the Rose Quartz helps to encourage love and self nourishment.
Our new alchemic hair collection is being offered in a limited edition Discovery Kit. Inside this vegan-friendly saffiano travel case (6.5 x 5 x 2”) sturdy kit are a collection of four of our newest hair styling products in Travel Luxe size 1 oz black glass bottles.
Inside this travel case you will receive 4 Travel Luxe sized products & matching rose gold bobby pins.
  • Texture Mist to creates the perfectly imperfect top knot
  • Styling Jelly to style your hair that allows movement and flexible flow
  • Dry Shampoo for effortless Day Two hair and or volume for fresh hair
  • Hydrating Mist to add softness and emotive scent as well as featherlight dew and hydration face & body.
Weight 27.2 oz
Dimensions 6.5 x 5 x 2.5 in

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