OKOKO COSMETIQUES - Gold Handmade Treatment Bowl


OKOKO COSMETIQUES - Gold Handmade Treatment Bowl

Enjoy our elegant handmade bowls at an introductory price!

Our treatment bowls are now back in stock with a new look and encrusted with 24kt authentic gold! This kind of rare creation is typically found in artisanal boutiques and galleries. They make a wonderful addition to your facial experience and an amazing decoration for your home.

The bowl is perfect for blending LA BOUE DE BEAUTÉ or LA D'TOX NOIRE face masks and adds a sense of comfort and luxury to your skin renewal. This exquisite creation was carefully made for us by one of Montreal's finest potters   Benoit Daigle using the finest clays, great care and technique resulting in a chic creation that certainly turns heads. No bowl is the same. Each creation is truly a piece of art and hand signed by the artist.

Our masque bowl is encrusted with a radiant real gold logo finish making it a precious piece of art for your most intimate beauty rituals.

Handmade in limited edition

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