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Ursa Major

URSA MAJOR - National Parks Soap Set

URSA MAJOR - National Parks Soap Set

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URSA MAJOR - National Parks Soap Set

Bring the outside in with this set of three sublime bar soaps inspired by America’s most iconic national parks: Acadia, Zion, and Redwood. Made in collaboration with Parks Project, in celebration of their shared love for the outdoors and common goal to create a more sustainable future. 5% of every purchase from this collection supports the great work being done by the National Parks Conservation Association.

  • Delivers a rich, creamy cleanse
  • Exfoliates and smoothes skin
  • Soothes and hydrates
  • Refreshing natural aromas

Each bar has been formulated using botanical ingredients native to the parks, and aromas that evoke their experience.

The Set includes:

Acadia Bar Soap (5 oz). This refreshing bar soap is inspired by the adventurous shoreline of Acadia. Its scotch pine and rock rose essential oil blend (plus exfoliating seaweed!) transport you to coastal Maine, where the ocean breeze kicks up salty sea spray - and makes you feel truly alive.

Redwood Bar Soap (5 oz). This bar soap’s grounding yet energizing aroma of juniper and fir needle infuses your shower with the lush, wild majesty of the Redwood groves. And wait ‘til you feel the rich, creamy lather! Now that’s what we call forest bathing.

Zion Bar Soap (5 oz ). This restorative bar soap brings Zion to your shower with a warming blend of sage and sabino cedar. Jump right in for satisfying suds and the feeling of undiscovered adventure as far as the eye can see.

No petrochemicals, SLS, SLES, parabens, synthetic fragrance or color, glycols, silicones or PEGs.

Gluten Free. Cruelty Free. Vegan.

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